Aditya Birla Sun Life Asset Management Company Pte. Ltd *

Investment Overview

Our Investment Philosophy is focused on client’s risk adjusted returns. Our philosophy evolves continuously with every year passing, forging new ideologies to match pace with the future.

Investment Strategy

  • Bottom up stock picking for portfolio construction, while sector allocation is driven by a top down approach

  • Sector allocation

    This ensures diversification and avoid concentration in a single sector.

  • Active weights for stocks (driven by benchmark constituents)
  • Exposure limits
    Key Objective

    Outperform the benchmark over full market cycles while maintaining a consistent style.

    Fixed Income

    Conservative credit, active liquidity and duration management.

    Investment Philosophy
    • Sustainable above average growth
    • Prospects not adequately valued
    • Compounding oh high ROCE over a long period
    Fixed Income
    • Building self-liquidating portfolios
    • Controlled asset-liability mismatch
    • Superior portfolio quality to facilitate unanticipated liquidity generation
    Fundamental analysis
    • Find strong managements with businesses with sustainable competitive advantages
    • Invest with a horizon of 24-36 months with regular reviews
    • See whether valuation reflects growth and to what extent risk is incorporated
    • Construct portfolio with a view to take measured risks through active bets
    Fixed Income
    Credit Risk Assessment
    • Premise of zero tolerance default
    • Follow the weakest link theory for key risks like Business Risk, Financial Risk and Management Risk